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Behavioural Supports

Our mission is to work alongside individuals to enable them to enjoy personally satisfying lives. We believe that behaviour is a function of communication and it is our responsibility to assist the individuals we serve to communicate their needs positively.


Our goal is to replace problem behaviours with behaviours that are acceptable to others and bring value to the individual.


Danelle Kilber, Behavior Consultant

Mental health issues are more prevalent than they’ve ever have been. There’s a lot of stress that we deal with on a daily basis. There’s a lot of psychological or psychiatric conditions that people need extra support with. If you top all that off with a developmental disability, the impairment there can be devastating for people. With that, we really want to make sure that they are getting all of their needs met so that they do have a quality of life. At the end of the day, that’s really what it’s about - making those connections to ensure we have health within our mental health. And I really just don’t know another way you can deliver that service without being 1 to 1 and really moving through it in an educational way.

As a behavioural consultant, my job entails looking at behaviour or challenging issues from a scientific point of view: collecting data, gathering information, putting the information together and then sort of doing a functional analysis as to why those behaviours are occurring in the first place. And then, of course, putting proactive strategies around them and supporting them so that they can change.


Behaving Positively

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DDMH (Mental Health Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities)

Our team provides a range of services for individuals older than 14 years of age who have a developmental disability, mental illness, or behaviour problem that impacts their quality of life.


We work alongside individuals, their families, caregivers, and the community, to ensure that individual needs are being met so that they are able to move forward with their lives



Referrals can be made directly to the Consultant at INS by Physician, Mental Health and Addictions, Hospital, Community BC Analyst, MCFD Special Needs Social Worker, or an individual or family can directly refer. 

In Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, or Chetwynd referrals to the DDMHT can be sent directly to Independence Networking Services, Inc. at fax #: 250-782-2630 or phone Danelle Kilber 250-782-2026 ext. 5.

Behaviour Consultation

We believe that behaviour is a function of communication and our role is to assist the individuals we serve to communicate their needs positively.


Our behavioural consultant is trained in non-aversive behaviour management techniques. They work with each individual and their parents/caregivers to develop creative and thoughtful support strategies to decrease severe and challenging behaviour.


All referrals will come through the Ministry for Children and Family Development or Child and Youth Mental Health.

Watch our latest video on DDMH and learn a little more about just one of our behavior support programs.
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