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Do you want to change lives?

Our Mission

Changing Lives Alongside the Community

We’re a team that strives to empower, support, and advocate for a high quality of life and belonging alongside individuals, families, and communities.


We work hard to provide a friendly home environment so that everyone feels welcomed and employees thrive as they achieve and experience fulfillment and enrichment in their work.

It’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of another person's journey towards independence as they discover where they belong, master new skills, and grow in their generosity towards themselves and others. 

Our organization is built on the idea that everybody, all of us, deserve that opportunity. We all have equal rights and should have equal opportunities to live and work in the community and be part of our communities.

Join us in changing lives alongside the community!


Pamela Urquhart, Program Support

I don't think I’ll be able to work for another agency. I think our ability to think outside the box is what makes us unique and different...that allows us to celebrate the successes of each individual which is so incredibly important because that builds their self-esteem and belonging and they wanna continue to succeed and belong.

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Champion the Mission

There are exciting challenges and rewarding experiences ahead as we help individuals and families move forward.


Work & Live


Our staff is human too, and we want each member of our team to be healthy and to grow in belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. 


Danelle Kilber, Behavior Consultant

I’ve worked for INS now for almost 16, 17 years. And what I love most about INS is that it really encompasses the whole of anyone. It’s about our supported individuals, it's about the staff, it's about the executive team. INS is unique in the way that we pull out resources, how we research, how we provide staff training. We really focus on developing really comprehensive teams. Staff who have knowledge; who can go out and can do their job and provide the best quality of care, and can really be involved in the person or the supported person's life. 


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