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Our Guiding Principles

Mission statements are not meant for your wall. They’re meant to be lived. We believe in turning our beliefs into action, so our guiding principles are how we see ourselves accomplishing our vision and philosophy in our practice.

Laurie Wilson, Director

I’ve always had a really strong philosophy that everybody, all of us, has equal rights and should have equal opportunities to live and work in the community and be part of our communities. so when I started INS, I really had a vision for INS that that’s how we were going to roll out our services.



and Integrity

We will consistently demonstrate competence

and integrity by:

Person-centered and self-directed problem-solving.

Applying valued based practice strategies

with confidence.

Applying effective communication with individuals

and other agencies.

Developing structures and strategies as a team.

Having awareness of how trauma affects a person.

Seeking and professionally applying new ideas.

Respect and Acceptance

We will create a climate of respect

and acceptance by:

Applying professional standards of communication and confidentiality.

Using non-judgment language and modeling support for each individual.

Allowing freedom of choice and validating individual perspective.

Being open to taking the individual from where they "are” and not where others think they should “be.”

providing clear expectations concerning roles and responsibilities.

Seeking win-win solutions to problems.


We will have a reputation for contributing to the community by:

Supporting individuals to engage in safe and healthy relationships within the community.

Participating in cultural activities and community events.

Networking with individuals and agencies for the purpose of sharing, mentoring, and advocating.

Attending and engaging in community meetings that individuals supported by the agency.

Promoting and modeling the agency's mission and values in the community.

Identifying gaps in available services and advocating to better meet the needs of residents.

Belong and TeamWork

We will foster a strong sense of belonging and teamwork: by

Developing trusting connections.

Positively contributing to each person feeling valued.

Nurturing sensitivity and respect for cultural diversity.

Promoting a welcoming atmosphere through validating and understanding individual differences.

Promoting interdependence through teamwork.

Fostering a sense of ownership within the agency through engagement and empowerment.

Practicing active listening and by

seeking mutual interests.

Working to practice tolerance, forgiveness, and patience.

High Quality of Life

We will empower individuals to achieve a high quality of life by:

Providing opportunities for self-directed and personal-centered development of skills.

Showing respect and promoting the rights and responsibilities of individuals.

Helping individuals to establish a purpose in life.

Encouraging 'informed choice' by individuals.

Improving competence in individuals through problem-solving and goal setting.

Supporting individuals to get their basic needs met and to seek, gain, and maintain employment.

Advocating for individuals to receive appropriate treatment for addictions, trauma, or mental health issues.