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Supported Living

Our supported living team’s mission is to encourage, value, and facilitate personal growth and belonging alongside people in the supported living program to foster their independence and healthy living.

Youth Supported Living

Youth Residential
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Youth Supported Living

Debra Chemrys, Program Support

Our homes are therapeutic. They're not group homes, they’re 2-bed resources. They're for youth who are perhaps transitioning out of foster care or are starting their semi-independent journey and just need some support. Each home is staffed 24/7 the staff in the homes act as mentors. They’re there to guide the kids. They’re there to listen. They’re there to build skills, to help problem solve, advocate, and help the kids reach their goals whatever they may be.

Youth Support Homes

Orca House

Discover the “song of your soul” through the path of least resistance... Bring creativity, joy, empowerment, and the ability to heal... improve communication and heighten intuition and perception for new learning...CALL on ORCA

This Two-bed resource provides a therapeutic approach for male youth who have a history of trauma; abuse and who may have disability issues; mental health issues; high-risk behaviour or behavioural issues.

Cardinal House

Looking to settle down; Improving your health; Learning to listen to your intuition ... CALL on CARDINAL

Cardinal House is a two-bed resource for female youth who have a history of trauma; abuse and who may have disability issues; mental health issues; or behavioral issues.

Keiko House

Your sadness is soon to be overcome with joy; your personal integrity will reach a height of respectability; you will have a smile for all who come your way; enjoy quiet time away from life’s work; bring the totem strength of the Orca ...  CALL on the power of KEIKO ...

Keiko house is a two-bed resource that provides a therapeutic approach for youth who have a history
of trauma; abuse and who may have developmental disability issues; behavioral issues.


Keiko house also has a separate one-bedroom apartment for youth who are transitioning to adulthood. Youth must meet the criteria for the Semi-Independent Living Program and attend a vocational or educational placement.

Chrysalis Apartment

Before emerging as a butterfly, a caterpillar goes through a sheltered stage of growth and vulnerability…. accept the changes in your life ... keep faith in transition … expand your being ... express yourself freely by moving from worry and anger to a beautiful state of mind … CALL on CHRYSALIS

Chrysalis apartment is a two-bed resource suitable for a sibling group of two or one youth who has high needs and a history of emotional trauma; disability issues; or mental health issues.

Macaw House

Healing powers of the sun… Shift in communication...Manage your feelings…Physical & emotional healing ... CALL ON MACAW

Macaw house is a two-bed resource for youth who have a history of trauma; abuse and who may have disability issues; mental health issues; or behavioral issues.

Dragon Fly.jpg
DragonFly Semi-Independent
Living Program

Bring through your own true colors with maturity ... Maintain a balance between thought and emotion with greater mental clarity and control ... Kick start the changes you know are necessary … CALL ON DRAGONFLY

DragonFly is a two-bed resource in an apartment attached to Macaw House. The residential program is well suited for youth that has “graduated” from group homes, residential or foster care placements, and who require additional support to make a successful transition to independent living situations. How-ever; this resource can also be used as a stand-alone option for high-needs youth who require a high level of supervision and support due to trauma-related behavioral issues.


All referrals for our Youth and Supported Living program will come through the Ministry for Children and Family Development Resource Social Worker. 

Adult Supported Living