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Children & Youth Family Support

Our mission is to support, empower, and facilitate personal growth, independence, teamwork, and courage alongside children, youth, families, and community groups who are impacted by mental health issues and developmental disabilities.

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Our Support Services

Special Services for Families with Children with Special Needs.

This program is for children and youth who require support for skill acquisition and who reside in their family home. 

An intervention worker will provide one-on-one support that includes appropriate social, life, or independent living skills building to be taught in the home or community. 

Mental Health Consultation, Training, and Support Program.

These programs are provided to children and youth, ages 0-18, who have a mental health disorder or who are at risk of developing a mental health disorder.


These services are designed to support a mental health clinician’s treatment plan to reduce the risk for a child or youth and assist in helping families build the capacity to cope with the impact of mental health issues in their children.

Behavioral Consultation,
Training, and Support.

We believe that behavior is a function of communication and our role is to assist the individuals we serve to communicate their needs positively.


Our behavioral consultant is trained in non-aversive behavior management techniques. They work with each individual and their parents/caregivers to develop creative and thoughtful support strategies to decrease severe and challenging behavior.