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Our Cultural Competency Plan

The purpose behind our cultural competency plan at INS is to create a sense of belonging for everyone in our care. We're committed to honouring a diversity awareness/cultural competency plan and training program to increase awareness of INS staff teams of the many differences and similarities between ourselves, the people we work with in the community; and the people we support. It is our belief that all people have the right to feel safe and welcomed without prejudice.

The plan validates our mission; philosophies for service; guiding principles; and code of ethics. Our plans for addressing issues of cultural competency are integrated within our policies & procedures as they are sensitive to meeting the needs of our organization.

We will demonstrate this by:

  1. Creating a climate of welcoming and belonging for everyone who visits our agency and for places and people we visit in community.

  2. Preventing discrimination and harassment in our workplaces.

  3. Protecting the organization’s people and reputation.

  4. Educating staff to ensuring continuity of the organization in providing supports that are culturally sensitive so community, staff and people we support feel safe and welcomed.

We believe that the key to our staff and the people we support feeling safe and welcomed are the following:

  1. We will ensure that everything we do is based on respect and acknowledgement of diversity.

  2. We will training staff in implementation of our Cultural Competency Plan (including WSBC policies on Bullying and Harassment, LGBTQ2S awareness, Human Rights, and Labour Standards).

  3. We will promote Culturally Sensitive Activities within our agency (food, cultural practices, teachings, celebrations, and holidays from other ethnic groups).

We believe that the key to protecting the organization’s people and reputation are the following:

  1. Follow our Policies on Procedures for a safe and welcoming worksite.

  2. Deliver a transparent Service; Being Proactive in community awareness of who we are and what we do.

  3. Represent our organization through Professionalism, guided by boundaries and good work ethics at all times.

  4. Welcome feedback from community with follow-up and quick response to resolving complaints.

  5. Follow our Code of Conduct/Ethics.

We welcome you to download our cultural competency plan.

1.14.2 Cultural Competency Plan (2022)
Download PDF • 1.64MB

You can also learn more about who we are here.

Cultural Competency Declaration_2021
Download PDF • 4.70MB


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